I have a church website. Why would I use Melos?

I have a church website. Why would I use Melos?

February 21 • 1 min read

So, you’re probably wondering, what would be the point of using if you already have your own church website?

Think about a Melos.Church as an online church bulletin or a church-in-bio

Aren’t church bulletin’s outdated?

Kind of. This is a digital bulletin for the online world.

Church bulletins act as a communication tool, providing important information about the church’s activities, events, and announcements. This helps keep the congregation informed and engaged, fostering a sense of community and involvement.

A church bulletin can also be a tool for outreach, providing information about the church’s mission, beliefs, and programs to visitors or newcomers. This can help attract new members and spread the church’s message in the wider community.

So, sure. You already have a church website. Why not try Melos as a church bulletin.

What if your church bulletin could look like this?

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