Top Free Tools and Apps for Your Church

Find online tools created by our brothers and sisters in Christ to help resource and engage your ministry.

Malachi Daily Mobile App

Community Scripture memorization made easy. This is the companion app to the Malachi Daily emails and podcast.

Malachi Daily

Community Scripture memorization made easy. Memorize a new Bible verse every other week & learn its context. This isn't about memorizing random information. This is about helping us encounter Jesus on a daily basis through God's living Word.

Melos.Church - free church website, fast

Create a simple and beautiful church website, for free. Launch it in minutes. Simple, beautiful, and built to equip the small to medium-sized church.

Church Online Platform

Free online church video streaming. Engage your attenders and lead them to next steps with Church Online Platform. All for free.

PulpitAI (Beta)

The printing press for the spoken word. Turn one sermon into unlimited content. Deepen engagement and resource your church with AI generated material taken from a single sermon.

Church Metrics, from YouVersion

Easily track and view your church data. See trends and make better decisions to grow your church.


Encourage fellowship and understanding within the community. Icebreakers are pivotal in making people feel welcomed and valued in a new group, which can be otherwise intimidating. They help in breaking down barriers, fostering friendliness, and enhancing effectiveness in group interactions.

Gloo's Church Text Messaging Platform

How would a 98% open rate impact how you connect with your congregation and community?

The Launcher, by Nucleus

100% free. The Next Steps Launcher gets your church’s most important actions, all in one place. The Launcher provides a fast and focused way for your church to take action. Pray, give, or anything else.

Prayer, by Nucleus

100% free. An elegant, private prayer platform for your church. It’s the best way to invite your church and community into regular prayer for each other throughout the week. Fully protected & private.

Called - Groups, chats, and events

Groups, chats, and events in a way that finally makes sense. Engage your community in one place. Make it easy to get involved, stay in the loop, and keep your community grounded in faith.

YouVersion for Churches

YouVersion for Churches is a collection of resources and tools to help the global Church create experiences that lead people to deeper intimacy with God every day of the week, not just on Sundays.

Open Network - Free Church Resources

Equipping Churches Everywhere. Get access to sermons, media, trainings, music, apps, and more. All for free.


Freeshow is a dynamic, user-friendly, and open-source presenter built for all of your presentations. It's a free ProTools alternative that you can use for worship, messages, and more.

God Listens - Prayer Platform

Seamlessly integrate the Prayer Platform into your website or use your branded God Listens url and watch as it becomes the epicenter of engagement and spiritual conversations.

Involv - Church Communication and Operations

Elevate your church with Involv. Calendar, communication, and operations. All in one place.
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