The 3 Pillars of Melos.Church

November 6 • 3 min

You may be wondering if there’s a catch or some hidden fineprint. I mean, think about it. Most places charge for a church website. And some even charge a fine dime. So why give them away for free? Is that even sustainable?

Pillar #1: Melos.Church will always be accessible and free.

Why should a struggling small church have to fork up money for a church website? Is there any way that we can serve those who may need the money for other ministry needs? Who is giving out free church websites?

These are questions that ran through my head one day.

Melos.Church was created for the local church and will always be accessible and have a free tier. No church proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ as savior of the world and only way to the Father will be rejected.

How then can it be sustainable?

To be honest, I pay ~$40/year for the domain The hosting right now is free using Netlify. The database backend is also free using Firebase’s backend.

Eventually hosting and the backend will cost money when Melos grows and gets more churches.

To prevent my pocket and bank account from draining, I will have created a Pro Plan for Melos, where churches can add extra functionality to their website, such as:

The monthly price of the Pro Plan is TBD. If you want to help influence the direction of the Pro Plan, please email me and let me know your thoughts.

Pillar #2: Melos.Church exists to empower, connect, and resource the local church.

We want to make it easy for you to strengthen your church body through digital resources and connection. Truthfully there are many, many hours where you are not in church meeting together. Melos attempts to bridge the divide from physical and digital, making it a companion tool to improve both.

The first focus of Melos.Church is to give a one-stop shop for all things that a church attendee or someone interested in going to your church may want/need.

Link out to your sermons, your giving tool, your Facebook or any other social platform. It’s really like a church bulletin, except it’s easier to update and doesn’t cost for printing.

Melos.Church will continue to expand and add features to futher empower, connect, and resource your local church.

Pillar #3: Melos.Church will be led by the direction of God and His people.

I believe God put it on my mind and heart to create Melos.Church in the first place. He is the One who has such a deep heart for His body. I was one willing to say “here I am, Lord, send me”. So, He sent me to the keyboard, where I played the keys to write the codes. And, now we have Melos.Church.

I will continue to partner with the Holy Spirit to create and shape Melos to serve you. And, I want to hear your voice.

Your voice matters.

Please email me about your experience with Melos, ideas, dreams, and even negative or constructive feedback.

That’s the heart of Cam Pak and the foundation on which Melos.Church was built.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans. (Proverbs 16:3)

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